Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School

A College Preparatory School


Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School in Miami, Florida pulls out all the stops to celebrate the Senior Class of 2020

Early Friday evening, May 8th, Senior students and their parents rode onto the Carroll High School campus escorted by Hammocks Police Department. A thrilling procession to the tune of police sirens and celebration music kicked off the evening's event honoring the graduating Class of 2020. Cars decked with balloons, graduation regalia, banners, and messages of support flooded the campus in a seemingly endless procession. "Exhilarating" is not a strong enough word to express the joy on the faces of the students and parents.

Amid the COVID 19 challenges, remote learning, and quarantine restrictions… Sister Margaret Ann – the principal – and her enthusiastic administrative team deliberated, planned, and labored long hours to find a way to offer worthy recognition of the students' hard work and accomplishments. Hearts and hands eagerly worked together to set up balloon displays, paint signs, set up sound and music, and decorate the campus with lawn signs honoring the graduates. Staff and volunteers assembled individual gift boxes containing meaningful gifts and school memorabilia – all duly stamped with the mascot's "pawprint" of approval.

The result was a spectacular showcase of creativity and resourcefulness impelled by an undaunted outpouring of love for the students and families of Carroll High School. The Bulldog Archie – school mascot – was the parade's Grand Marshall. He rode in an elaborately decorated golf cart which served as a chariot driven by Sister Margaret Ann. Faculty and staff lined the parade route – all six feet apart and wearing face masks and gloves. Though their smiles were covered, there was no concealing the joy in their eyes and their tears of emotion.

Parents and students were equally moved by this exuberant expression of appreciation and love. A comment from one of the parents captures the impact made by this event:

Dear Sister Margaret Ann,

This is a heartfelt "thank you" for the wonderful surprise given to our children during the Grads' Parade last Friday. Our daughter was happily surprised and very excited. Our family was touched by the enthusiasm, the liveliness, and authentic expressions of love and joy from the Carroll Sisters, staff, and the beloved teachers.

Carroll high made the difference, and our family is endlessly thankful. We have shared our experience of the Carroll Grads' Parade with friends and relatives, and in their opinion there has been no equal expression of love as the way the seniors were celebrated at Carroll High!

We value all your personal care and effort to achieve the "most normal" and successful end of the school year, particularly for Seniors during this difficult moment. The care displayed along every virtual class has been extraordinary and enriching. I have found our daughter constantly motivated and giving her outmost in reciprocity to her teachers' care and extraordinary effort.

This is an emotional moment when we have to say "goodbye" at a distance, missing the personal expression of our appreciation and gratitude. Carroll High has been the best decision we could make for our daughter's education. We will keep you in our hearts and in our prayers. We will miss you All. Our love and infinite appreciation to the great Carroll High.


The Ramón-Blacker Family